" Oooo!" My wasn’t she a love! Lani couldnt have been any luckier coming across this girl with such a lovely fashion sense! He blushed though when she told him that he was just as pretty, hiding behind his hand a little bit, blushing more. " My goodness….you are too sweet dumplin~ Why thank you..it must be a ghost thing…am I right?" he looked to the other and gave her a little wink, he couldn’t stop looking at her!

" …Your outfit is well made! Did you make it yourself? Who is your designer my dear?" 


Oh wow this person was so nice…it felt like she hadn’t really been socializing much of late— with everything that had been happening and summer jobs that is….this was a very nice change of pace. It was also really wonderful not to have someone say she was scary— she continued to smile, “Hee, well— you were very kind to me first actually.”

She blinked. A ghost thing? Hm. She never thought of that. Truthfully most of the ghosts she ran into were very lovely….she couldn’t really remember running into one that actually looked as scary as people believed them to be. “Y-yes…I think you might be right~”

"Hm?" She stared at him, her eyes widening a bit. Her— her outfit? Suddenly her face became engrossed in red, "U-uh…UM… I- I…uh.. Th-thank you so much, I um…I actually…well….y-yes, I make all my own clothes…it um….it saves money…and…well…hehe…it’s really fun. I love to sew….it’s a hobby of mine."



EUGHHH [Levi flicked the bug off his arm and watched it flop to the grass where it belonged. He then looked back up to Dori, with a look of almost betrayal]

Little lady brah, why didn’t you tell me sooner? What if he, like, started munchin on my arm? And then went for you next? When would his reign of terror end………[He looked off dramatically then zoned out thinking about what it’d be like if a huge bug took over the city]


*She blinked a bit— watching the bug scurry off as she slowly waved at it*

…Safe journey…. *turning her attention back to the boy she tilted her head.

Hm? ….. *she shrugged* Well…it wasn’t really the type of bug that would hurt you….I mean….it looked ugly but… *she gestured to her mouth* It didn’t have those big fangs….

Mm…bugs don’t really bite me much…..I’m a slowpoke…I have to worry about people poaching for my tail…. *she lifted it up to show him….then realized he was zoning out a bit and sat down to join him— leaning on him in hopes she too would see what he was seeing in his inner mind theater*

……I can’t see it……



" Oh I’m sorry Dumplin..I hadn’t meant to scare ya like that its just…." The close floated a little closer to the other, cupping her cheeks with his soft hands and looked at her with such adoration. " You look…absolutely gorgeous! From your head to to your toes sugah <3" 


She blinked, her cheeks flushing a bit as she laughed a little nervously.

"A-ah…no, It uh…it’s not your fault…I-I mean I— I was confused that’s all…"

Oh gosh what was she to do— she still wasn’t great at taking compliments— and it was even worse when such a sweet thing came from such a pretty person— “Th-thank you so much— I-I um…I mean, you too. You’re quite lovely as well! A very very lovely person!!” With squished cheeks she smiled up at him.

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"W-why did you scream like that?"

The frillish fidgeted a bit— oh gosh— maybe it was because she was a ghost? Her eyes maybe? OH NO HAD THEY SEEN HER SYRINGES?!

florathefrillish sent: ♞- dori


[Levi had found a huge gross looking bug and had it safely secured inside a cup. For whatever reason, he felt chatty and was showing off the nasty bug to this nice looking lady. Then she said something and it caught his attention. His eyes widened and he refused to look down at the cup in his hand]

What do you mean, he’s escaped?

*she yawned, tilting her head at the boy in front of her with a lazy stare*

Just….what I said….your buggy is gone….Oh—is that it….. on your arm?

"They’re bigger….."

"DORIIIII— are you done in the bath yet?? I’d really like to clean the tub!"


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"M-midnight, on the bridge. Come alone."

She tried, she really did. She’d read a book recently on how to keep your relationship— interesting….and honestly after watching a detective movie with Lune this is all she could come up with— but boy did that sound more shady than romantic…

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"What’s in the bag and why are you hiding it here?"

Questioned the frillish with a confused expression. It was her night to close the cafe and well— she just wasn’t expecting to see anyone in the back alleyway like this—

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"She doesn’t understand you like I do."

Said the slowpoke as she stifled a yawn, slumping herself over a chair.

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