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*His ears perk up almost immediately*


….Pink Girl……


*His “pink girl” sense are tingling*

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Blah blah— i was doodling for practiceee

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"I said you were giving me ideas…" He poked his fingers together and looked away, hoping his blush wouldn’t show "Y-you do?!?!" He cringed and dug his nails on the ground, completely red with embarrassment now "…………." a long pause before the sableye talked "Y-yes! Th-that’s what I meant! I w-wanted some of your… ice cream" He leaned in and took a little bite off it "I-I should have ordered one too… like you suggested"


She blinked a few times— why was he turning so red? Unless….hm.

"Ah! So you did just want to share then, didn’t you?! I thought it was that! Hehe~" She smiled as he took some, pulling it back after she was done to take another lick from it as she eyed him a bit, "Well, I told you, you should have~ You would have been so much happier~" She grinned at him, tapping the cone against his nose with a laugh.



*Ace gathered up all the utensils that he had so carelessly dropped, placing them carefully on the counter afterwards. That must have been the sixth thing that he had dropped today, and it was’t like him at all. Within moments of putting things away, he had finally made his way towards the break room where he had told Flora to wait for him.

Upon entering, he closed the door behind him so that other’s wouldn’t hear them speaking about this situation, afterall, the only ones in the café who knew about this was him and Flora. His expression was dead and just empty as he stared at the now crying Frillish, honestly not even sure on what to do* No…don’t apologize…~ ……*Ace slowly walked up to the Frillish, and pulled her in for a gentle hug. He wanted to comfort her, and do something instead nothing. He lightly petted her head, trying his best not to cry himself*

…..Its my fault~

….I should have went looking for him when he was gone too long….~


*She sniffled again, looking up at him as her face contorted into a frown once again— she was going to weep— she was…so…she really didn’t know what to do anymore….she couldn’t hold it in any longer. And once the dragon had pulled her into a hug she clung to him, sobbing quietly into his apron. She shook her head as she listened to his words— no…no she didn’t want him to blame himself— he couldn’t do that…if he did….he’d never be okay again*

Ace…. *she looked up at him, hugging him a little tighter* It’s not your fault….none of this is anyone’s fault….it….it happened….but you can’t blame yourself…I’m sure that…I’m sure that Valient wouldn’t want that either….*she took a deep breath* I should have….told someone when I noticed that he wasn’t showing up at the daycare either….I should have checked on him more…I….*her eyes were watering again*  ….Ace… you think….the others….know …..? Should we tell them…I mean…m-maybe…maybe he just…ran away…th-that’s a possibility…right? *Denial seemed like a good idea….even though…she was sure that….there was really nothing to deny. She reached out once again, clinging to her friend.* I don’t know what to do, Ace….

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*The Dragonair was merely trying his best to work, silently but diligently. However, this proved to be failing, for he was being forgetful the entire day. He forgot to turn off the stove, he forgot to wash the dishes, he had almost dropped a plate of food, and most of all, he was silent….dead silent. He had not uttered a word when coming to work, not even a simple “good morning.” No…he was silent, and did not look at anyone in the eye, not even Lune.

His best friend whom he had always hung out with 24/7 of his life, was now gone. Gone forever. There was no one to come home to anymore. Just that dark, and empty house. He wasn’t greeted at the door anymore, not even tackled to the ground, or the sound of him whining for food to be cooked for him, it wasn’t there anymore.


Nngh….~ *The Dragonair was startled at the sound of Flora’s voice, and because of this, he had dropped one of his utensils clumsily. He was a mess, a complete mess*


*his expression became incredibly sorrowful towards that question, no words were really needed to confirm it all. So Flora knew about it too*

……meet me…in the break room….I’ll be right there…~ *he responded rather monotone*


*Flora flinched a bit as the utensils clattered to the floor noisily causing some shouts from the other workers.* We’re fine! I dropped something again! *she frowned as she looked back at him* Ace…um…..— *she nodded at him— doing as she was told*

*Within the next few minutes she was in the break room, sitting silently at the table as she fidgeted with her hands. She looked up at the dragon with a sad expression, knowing full well that both of them were  basically in the same position. Granted she didn’t spend as much time with Valient as Ace— but…before that…he…she took care of him…found him…oh no— she didn’t want to remember…she didn’t want to think about that right now…if she did—she— just as she thought about it, tears began to pool in her eyes. She sniffled, wiping at her eyes.*

A-ace…I….I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to….I wanted to make sure you were okay…and here I am….making it worse I…I just don’t know what to do….I— I’m so sorry…I’m sorry….

(Source: florathefrillish)

The frillish paced back and forth, it had been a few days sure but….nothing was really better. As far as she knew…no one else had gotten something from the victini— they must have all just thought that he was playing hookey like usual. Well….there was….one other person…who’s face was reflecting exactly what her’s was.

She turned the corner to peek into the kitchen. The dragonair had been diligently working since the cafe opened. Silent…more silent than usual. Even his girlfriend hadn’t dared to disturb him. That in itself…was unsettling…

Flora walked into the kitchen, approaching the man from behind, “Ace…um….how…I mean….I…I’m sure…he told you….too….—” She looked away— if she made eye contact she might break down. 

"Are you….do you…need anything…do you…want to talk….or…"

I still haven’t been able to stop crying….and I don’t know how to stop— but now….I can’t help but wonder….

What about Ace…..?